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The Fellow Coworking Phone Booth Plans for sale build your own phone booth coworking space DIY

After finding the need for a phonebooth in our space, and looking at the $5,000+ models offered on the market, we decided to design and build our own.

We've seen an increase in demand for DIY phone booth plans and began selling our plans to other coworking spaces around the U.S. in 2017. Oh, and the plans were designed by an award winning & licensed interior architect.. it's safe.

The Fellow Phone Booth Plans lay out our design in 3 pages, with detailed measurements, materials used, and basic instructions and recommendations to guide you on building your own.

You will be equipped with a ready-to-build plan that can be handed to a construction skilled person and be built with ease.

Welcome to The Fellow Phone Booth. 

The Fellow Coworking Phonebooth plans for sale DIY build your own phone booth for coworking

The Fellow Phone Booth Plans.


Detailed blueprints only, personal support via phone/video call during build, real photos and measurements.

Materials not included.

Blueprints will be emailed within 24 hours.

Phonebooth FAQ’s

Have more questions? Contact us above! We’re here to help.

What are the finished dimensions?

Minimum 7' tall x approximately 58" wide.

What are the interior dimensions?

Approximately 4'

Is there a ventilation fan?

Yes, this is a common exhaust fan. For ultimate ventilation and quiet sound, we recommend options included in our plans.

Is this booth standalone so it could be built and moved if needed or is it dependent on being constructed against a wall?

It is standalone. We have unassembled ours and moved it several times. It unassembles as easy as it goes up. You move the four walls and reassemble.

Is there integrated lighting?

Yes. Ours has a dedicated light with a light switch. There are other creative options as well included in our plans.

Is there integrated power?

Yes. All power is run through a standard power cord like you would plug in a lamp, or common appliance. The fan, light, and outlet are all powered by the same power cord.

How soundproof is it? The door looks like a standard interior door so it concerns me with all that glass.

Our door is a standard interior glass/wood door. This doesn't affect the sound much. Our plans offer the best solutions to sealing all areas to ensure the best soundproofing possible of a phonebooth.

Do you tell me what kind of interior sound dampening panels to purchase and where to install them to reduce echo?

 Our blueprint shows where to install panels to reduce echo and several options based on price point.

How do I buy the plans?

 Click buy plans above! Fill out the form and we will answer any questions you have. The plans can be sent via email and you will be off to the races building! We process payments online through PayPal.