Phone booth

Coworking Phonebooth Plans For Sale.. By Yours Truly

After a year of running our coworking space, we knew that it was time to find creative solutions for phone calls. Members would walk laps in our space during phone calls, pace back and forth in the parking lot, or shout from their desk and rattle the windows.

One of our co-founders is an award winning interior architect, who actually designed our space. It was only logical that we could lean on him to design a phone booth that is actually affordable for a coworking space, instead of the $5,000-$10,000 booths we could find online.

After designing the booth, we sourced local materials and built our booth for about $800. We’ve sold a few plans to other spaces and now have traction across the United States via DIY

Check out their blog post on the best phone booth options and buy a set of phone booth plans for your space today.

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