Free Day Access for National Coworking Day

National Coworking Day is celebrated by shared office spaces all around the world each year on August 9th. We first heard about the annual event from our friends who own and manage Plexpod, a coworking space in Kansas City. They are attempting to host the worlds largest day of coworking, and it makes sense. Plexpod recently purchased the old Westport middle school and high school, and is converting nearly 360,000 square feet into usable coworking space.

For National Coworking Day in Manhattan, we will be offering free day passes for whoever wants to come through our doors tomorrow.

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That's right. Free wifi, free coffee (provided by Arrow Coffee Co,) free desk space, and even free conference room reservations are all available tomorrow.

If you enjoy your day trying out our coworking space, you can sign up for any membership and get the first month 50% off.


We hope to see you tomorrow!