400 North Creative - Docuseries On Homeless Veterans

400 North Creative 

Docuseries On Homeless Veterans 


400 North Creative Manhattan Kansas Homeless Veteran Project Doug Barrett

Introducing Doug Barrett, a native to Georgia, a Veteran, and now founder and head of 400 North Creative, a full cinematography, photography and drone creative company. 400 North Creative helps brands and businesses with photo and video content for marketing and branding. He takes to the streets in search of the real stories that often are overlooked.

Why did this project begin?

Dougs' passion for both creativity and his fellow men and women in uniform, who are commonly referred to as the one percent, “those who at one point determined ‘I will sign my life for potentially the ultimate sacrifice to the U.S Government’”, collided in on a business trip in Chicago late in the summer of 2018. There, Doug met a veteran, Leo, whom had been left without support from the USMC and the fire department where he worked, and found himself living on the streets. Doug takes the personal time and resources necessary to go tell stories like Leo’s, remembering each person by name, “making it a point not to forget them.”

What is the end goal of this project?

The goal for this project is to have a gallery where the photos are printed and the stories are written out and shared with those who may not be able to see them on social media. The goal is to share these stories with as many people as possible for awareness and to show love to all and to have compassion with everyone heart because we all have a story.

How can those who follow along on Instagram be involved in the project/ would you want that?

“The way you can be involved is to reach out via social media.” Doug is preparing ways for others to be involved on the back end of this project.

Do you have a favorite story you've shared so far?

400 North Creative Manhattan Kansas Homeless Veteran Project Doug Barrett

“Yes! His name is Samuel Lee from Atlanta Georgia. While I was visiting my son, I just happened to pass through Centennial Park and Mr. Lee (and it was probably 90 degrees that day) was sitting under a tree on top of a cardboard box. I went up and talked to him and asked him why he was out there. He said it was because he was recently kicked out out of a homeless shelter. I asked him what part of Atlanta he was from and he said, ‘well I am not really from here. I am from California but I make Atlanta home now.’ He told me he was recently kicked out of a shelter because he got caught fighting a couple of young thugs who would routinely rob him and some other veterans of their cash because they do not have bank accounts. When he was kicked out, the VA (Veterans Affairs) would not distribute his monthly check to him because he does not have an address. That means they will hold his money, so he has to go to surrounding cities to get his name on a shelter list in order to get an address so he can get his checks so he doesn't have to live on the street. He is about 60 years old.”

400 North Creative Manhattan Kansas Homeless Veteran Project

Are people ever surprised that you stop?

Yes. You and I talk to people all day long, but these people are constantly getting overlooked. People just walk by them all day and nobody stops to talk to them.

How do you handle seeking out such hard and heavy stories?

Ya know, I am okay. You have to believe in something higher than yourself and know where your strength comes from. But don't showcase me, it's all about them and getting their stories out.

What is the demographic of what you traditionally see?

Mostly men ages 30-60. It is much harder for men to get resources than women so for them it is about survival and sticking together. In the past year, Doug has been able to travel to 12 states telling the stories of about 49 veterans. The project will not reach its completion until he has visited all 50 states and met veterans from each state. Following the conclusion of the project, Doug plans to potentially tell the stories of soldiers in harsh conditions internationally. The heart of this project is to share the idea that everyone has a story with factors behind it you may know nothing about. Reach out, start with hello and thank the one percent.

Written By: Carson Gunnigle, Customer Experience Intern at The Fellow Coworking

The Fellow Celebrates International Coworking Day

For Immediate Release August 1st, 2018

Manhattan, Kansas -  Today The Fellow Coworking announced a celebration of International Coworking Day on August 9, 2018. The Fellow will be celebrating by offering free coworking all day, and the public is invited to stop by for a tour, enjoy the festivities, and to enter a drawing for a month of free coworking. “The Fellow would like to thank the community for their support of our coworking space. We are thankful to be a part of Manhattan. On International Coworking Day, and everyday, we celebrate the spirit of collaboration and community that is the essence of what coworking is.” says Co-Founder and Community Manager Josh Hicks.

Members of the public can drop in to work for free on International Coworking Day at The Fellow Coworking by visiting, selecting Day Pass, under Memberships and using code “COWORK”. 

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas startup office space affordable entrepreneur small business membership

International Coworking Day is a day to celebrate coworking across the world. Coworking is much more than an office space where members gather to work. It is the collaborative sprit that develops when people are in proximity to each other every day. Coworking spaces are often inhabited by small companies, freelancers and remote workers who gather in an environment that is conducive to productivity and builds community.  

The Fellow is Manhattans’ premier shared office space that focuses on community, education and productive workspaces. The membership community is comprised of young and wise entrepreneurs, remote employees and non-profit directors motivated to get work done. “We’re comitted to providing resources that empower you to grow your business and to live an enjoyable work/life balance,” Hicks said.

For more information contact, email

The Fellow Coworking wins 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for coworking spaces

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space

Manhattan, KS, (Monday 16 April 2018) — The Fellow Coworking today announced it has been recognized as winner of the 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for Manhattan, Kansas. Members’ Choice award winners were determined based on the thousands of reviews, votes and opinions collected in a single year from coworking space members worldwide.

“The Fellow is our members. It’s not a building, a small business event promoter, or even just a desk to work from. It is an incredible community of hard working business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and remote employees who choose to work here everyday because they want to. I’m the smallest piece of the operation by having the opportunity to try to help them succeed and enjoy their work more. It’s really exciting seeing this project flourish in Manhattan,” community manager Josh Hicks said.

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space

“Coworker is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Members’ Choice Awards and celebrate the coworking spaces around the world that are making an impact in their community”, said Leanne Beesley, CEO of Coworker. “By putting a spotlight on coworking spaces that are providing a great environment and creating a community for their members, Coworker gives coworking spaces both large and small the ability to shine and attract new members.”

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space

About The Fellow Coworking

The Fellow is a shared office space that exists for non-profits to operate out of, mobile business professionals to collaborate, remote employees to have a creative hub, artists and startups to have an affordable workspace. The Fellow boasts inspiring workspaces, welcoming communities, 24/7 access, small business resources, and modern amenities such as private mail, a conference room, unlimited coffee, event spaces, private parking and more.

About Coworker

Coworker, the member-powered platform for the global coworking community, enables people to find & connect with their perfect coworking space wherever they are in the world.


5 Elements To Improve Your Work Productivity Today

If you're reading this, you understand the pains that come alongside of working from home, in coffee shops, in your work vehicle, a public library, or even in the back of Panera.

Thankfully, there are many quick ways to instantly improve your productivity while trying to get work done. A few free secrets: all you need to do is make a quick run to Target, sign up for Spotify Premium, or check out your local coworking spaces.

There's more than just that however. Let's get to it.

The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space

1. Bright, natural lighting

This is not only crucial for the natural process of your body, Vitamin D, etc.. but it's truly has an enormous effect on our physical and mental well-being.

It turns out cooler light makes workers more productive. Exposure to natural light is especially beneficial to workers cooped up in an office all day. Natural light from both the morning and evening has been found to decrease depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.


The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space
The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space

2. Music

Spotify Premium is our go to. We all have our own music that brightens the day, motivates us to run and exercise, meditate and relax. This holds true for working and productivity as well.

We've found that upbeat, instrumental jams along with throwing it back to the 70's, 80's, 90's, and even simply choosing the curated playlists Spotify already has listed. You can find and follow our work playlist here!



The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space

3. Plants

The easiest to maintain and the prettiest to look at: Snake Plant, Philodendron, and Jade.


The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space

4. Get rid of closeby distractions

We all know working from home is toxic because of distractions like dishes, Netflix, kids, pets, and so on. One of the quickest ways to be more productive is to make your workspace as clean and clear as possible.

Creating space for a dedicated workspace in a second bedroom of your house for work only is a good start.






The Fellow Coworking work from home startup business Manhattan Kansas coworking shared office space

5. Coworking

Number 5. You guessed it. Coworking.

Actually, maybe not. Coworking is thriving in large cities, but only a small number of remote employees, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are turning to coworking spaces in cities under 60,000. We believe coworking cures the first four of these ideas instantly.

We've designed our space with all four, and more, in mind. One of our members put it best by saying, "I've gotten more done with my business in the past year than I ever would have at home."

Coworking is simply a shared office space, with business amenities, resources, and flexibility. It is on the rise, and estimated that by the end of this year, 1.7 million people will be working in over 19,000 coworking spaces.

Everyone gets their first day free to our coworking space! We want you to believe coworking for yourself. Stop by anytime, fill up a mug with fresh coffee, and get work done!

See you soon!

Reworking the Work Space - Manhattan Magazine

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space entrepreneur coffee shop remote employee
The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space entrepreneur coffee shop remote employee

(Original feature in The Manhattan Magazine.)

The space of a car was all the room Josh Hicks needed to conceptualize his big idea.

During a drive home to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with his wife, Shelby Hicks, her brother and his wife, Josh learned that his vision to create a shared space for small businesses was not a new concept. His brother-in-law was already a member of a coworking space in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

"It was like the sun came out for the first time in six months," Josh says, realizing that he and Shelby didn't have to "create this whole animal."

The couple and their team received keys to the building to began renovations about 12 weeks after Josh’s epiphany. They drove to Sioux Falls that same day to participate in a 12 hour think tank workshop with other owners of coworking spaces.

Josh, Shelby, co-founders Derek Richards and Caleb Amundson, and co-owner Allyn Weddle, enlisted a crew of volunteers to stage an eight week renovation of The Fellow’s building at 1125 Westport Drive to make it “modern, clean, and open.”

Concurrently, they pre-sold memberships and prepared for a launch part in April 2016 to beat the exodus that occurs during the summer vacation season. Fast forward. Today, The Fellow’s six sold out private offices have a waiting list, and its 3,000 square feet of coworking space are shared by half of the up to 60 members-small business owners who are 21 and older-who can use it as an office away from home, particularly when no office exists. It’s a small membership fee to use the space, or interested parties can purchase day passes to try it out. The first day is free.

The Fellow has served more than a shared working environment, however. Art shows, live music, non-profit events, and even church services are held in the building’s gathering spaces, which include a consultation nook, conference room, and a cafe- each furnished with technology. Josh and Shelby’s personal experience as small business owners served as their inspiration for opening The Fellow. “My wife and I are also photographers, so we were working from home and coffee shops,” Josh says. “We finally hit that rut of working from home.”

The lack of a true work environment and the distraction of everyday duties began to cripple the couple’s morale. They created their new business venture to avert such a struggle for small business owners like themselves. “The Fellow is for anyone who works from home, coffee shops, or remotely,” Josh says. “It is a space, but it has members.. It’s its own community.”

The Fellow Coworking Manhattan Kansas shared office space entrepreneur coffee shop remote employee