Internship Opportunities


Official program details & dates

Current term: Spring 2018 (Currently Accepting Applications for Spring & Summer 2018)

Length of internship: 3 Months (unpaid, educational opportunity)

Weekly schedule: 5-10 hours/week

Position Description

The Fellow is seeking a motivated undergraduate or graduate student with a passion for creativity, art, handmade goods, and event planning.

The intern will have the opportunity to work with leadership on a wide range of art shows, marketing materials, and strategic initiatives including art curation, working with local creatives, recruiting new talent, and orchestrating art shows.

The primary objective of the intern role is to grow the current reach of the Manhattan Creative Market to make art more accessible to the Manhattan community, to provide creative stimulus for members of The Fellow, and to experiment with exhibition design and planning.

About The Fellow

What is The Fellow?

The Fellow is a place for mobile business professionals to collaborate, remote employees to have a creative hub, artists and startups to have an affordable workspace, and those who don't need an office, but simply a desk to get work done. It's more than just a place to work from though, it's a thriving community.

What is the mission of The Fellow?

The Fellow exists to unite and propel creators, founders and workers for the common good (the most good for all people). Our community consists of people who actively pursue the common good through their work and lives, and desire to work together and support each other in their various endeavors. This consists primarily of social enterprises, non-profits, or those who have a give back model built into their business. We are focused and committed to growing a community that exists if we no longer had a building.

Interning at The Fellow

What does it mean to be an intern at The Fellow?

We value our interns and go the extra mile to make sure they are involved in our staff and community life and receive a learning experience that fits their career goals. We are interested in their unique gifts, passions, and career goals; and do our best to help them put their skills to practice and gain valuable hands-on experience in their field.

Interning at The Fellow is a unique opportunity to:

  • Work at a fast paced, fun, social startup doing something different
  • Freedom to execute your ideas with a motivated, connected and passionate team around you
  • Learn from down-to-earth and passionate cofounders
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience in your field and work alongside our staff
  • Work out of our inspiring coworking space (with unlimited coffee) in Manhattan, KS
  • Work in a professional environment alongside 40+ creators, leaders, founders, and workers

What makes a good intern? What are we looking for?

  • Passionate about advancing the common good
  • Hungry, sharp, and excited to grow and put their skills to practice
  • Collaborative, loves working with others
  • Flexible, adaptable, and enjoys working in a fast paced environment
  • A good match for the supervisor, works well with their strengths and fits the role-specific requirements

Are there any perks?

  • Hands-on experience as a curator – How many of your peers get to say that they've curated a local gallery before getting out into the real world?
  • Connection to some of the movers and shakers in the art communities of Manhattan, Lawrence, and Kansas City
  • Access to The Fellow Member Perks & Discounts, including our professional member directory
  • A Fellow membership during their internship ($400 value)
  • Credit hours towards your major
  • And of course, meals & super fun events throughout the program!

Available positions

Art curation intern

Available Positions: 1

Supervisor: Caleb Amundson, Co-Founder and Manhattan Creative Market Curator

What you will learn:

  • How to recruit talented creatives, orchestrate exhibitions, and connect artists with the greater Manhattan community
  • How to engage, create, work and execute in a collaborative team setting
  • The ins and outs, ups and downs, and strategic marketing of art and handmade goods
  • How to engage in marketing relationships and opportunities with other local businesses

What you help with:

  • Create an art show rotation schedule and connect with local artists
  • Design innovative exhibitions and events that help members of The Fellow and the Manhattan community to engage with creatives
  • Design, develop, and execute on strategic marketing campaigns that will attract and engage users
  • Leverage social media channels to engage with members and locals
  • Become familiar with how to edit a Squarespace template and make changes as they arise
  • Design flyers/brochures/cards for company and artists in the Manhattan Creative Market
  • Identify and nurture opportunities for marketing partnerships with other local entities (galleries, museums, etc.)

Other opportunities:

  • Help refine the Manhattan Creative Market's processes and procedures
  • Learn social media strategies among our platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Respond to posts or comments to bring value to user’s interactions with the MCM
  • Schedule and execute posts in online marketing software
  • Brainstorm ways to add mutual value to the local community and creatives alike
  • Manage, execute, and distribute a consistent weekly newsletter of relevant and valuable articles



  • Must be actively pursuing a degree in art, art history, architecture, graphic design, or a related field
  • Creative mind, visual thinker, willingness to develop/design new and relevant content
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills, with strong attention to detail
  • Awesome organizational skills, matched by a diligent work ethic
  • Can execute and follow through on time-sensitive projects with deadlines with constant change
  • Ability to analyze your ideas and the ideas of others, turning data into story telling
  • Dedicated work ethic and desire to always over-deliver for clients
  • Understanding and experience in non-traditional marketing (mouth-to-mouth, social media, digital, experiential)
  • Knowledge and experience with marketing, social networks and how to use them, familiarity with Photoshop/InDesign, understanding of copyright laws
  • No technical knowledge required, although it will be considered as an asset
The intern will gain experience and an understanding of how to encourage engagement between artists and the community. This is an opportunity for the intern to build on his or her skills set, as well as explore a potential career in the world of art curation or retail.

  1. You love people! Fantastic customer service ethic and high expectations for quality. Excellent interpersonal skills with a high level of professionalism.
  2. You’re effectively organized! However you have to work and manage to be successful at meeting deadlines.
  3. You have the gift of gab. Excellent communication skills; written, verbal, speaking.
  4. You’re a multi-tasking wiz. Ability to manage multiple projects and work assignments from a variety of staff.
  5. You bring skills and want some more. Proficient in Google Drive applications, the Adobe Creative Suite, and a desire to learn how to mobilize creativity in Manhattan.

Ready to join the team at The Fellow and crush Art curation?

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