Customer Experience Intern

$8-10/hour, up to 15 hours per week

The Fellow Coworking is seeking a Customer Experience Intern to assist our Community Manager with the daily operations of The Fellow’s mission, community and culture. This role will be responsible for fostering the community environment through working with current and potential members.


The Customer Experience Intern will assist in the daily experience of coworking to the benefit of the The Fellow community. This role will also help organize, manage, and effectively run programs in partnership with the Co- Founder in alignment with The Fellow’s strategy. Collaborating on short and long-term goals for The Fellow will be essential to the growth of this role, and more potential opportunities may become available as the role grows with The Fellow. This role will be up to 15 hours a week, and the schedule will regularly be within Monday through Friday during regular business day working hours of 8:00a-5:00p.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Strong customer service skills with the ability to interact and engage with members and customers.

  • Pursuit of degree preferred in the studies of business, communications, marketing, hospitality, or other liberal arts degree fitting these skills and requirements

  • Must be proficient in communications; both verbal and written

  • Must be proficient with a computer, internet, fast learning new online tools

What You’ll Do

  • Daily Hospitality Tasks (Open/Close Facility, Engage Members, Seek to Improve Experience)

  • Give/schedule tours for potential members

  • Work with customers/members in person, via email, or phone with their requests within our facility

  • Manage conference room bookings

  • Deliver mail to members and offices along with signing for packages if needed

  • Engage with our members and customers online via social media and email software (Mailchimp, Gmail) Introduce new members online and keep synergy flowing in person and online

  • Data management of member feedback and improvements to their experience

Who You Are

  • Enjoys people and facilitating relationships

  • Excellent interpersonal, presentation and written communication skills

  • Efficient, timely and conscientious of your own and others’ time and deadlines

  • Basic to intermediate proficiency in database systems, including data entry

  • Proven proficiency in common computer software, including competency in Word, Excel , and web-based content management systems like Google Drive

  • Willing to jump in and help our team with whatever challenges may arise.

  • Smart, organized and efficient, able to multi-task and keep your cool in stressful situations.

  • A highly motivated self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have no desire to micromanage.

  • A problem-solver and creative-thinker

  • Really awesome

The Perks

  • A competitive hourly rate with the possibility of future growth.

  • Full membership access in our coworking space.

  • A fun and inclusive atmosphere with cool people who want to make the world better.

  • In general, the dress code is just be you. From time to time even we startup types have to fancy it up a little though.

  • Company outings and get-togethers happen whenever possible, and we’re pretty sure ours are less awkward than Dunder Mifflin parties.

  • There’s always some new swag floating around and you can usually snag some.

  • The coffee is always flowing. We are a coworking company, after all.

  • Freedom to innovate and bring your ideas to the table. Good decisions are not just top-down. We want a diversity of opinion. In fact, we expect it.

The Expectations

Nobody loves meetings, but sometimes they’re really helpful. We do regular stand-ups, one-on-ones and team discussions. You’re expected to attend the ones that are applicable to you, in person whenever possible.

In general, 75% of your hours should be spent working at our coworking space at a pre-arranged schedule that works for you and the Community Manager.

You’ll be a representative of The Fellow whether you want to be or not. We ask that you represent us well. We expect you to treat everyone with respect. Note, this doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. We also hope and encourage you to demand respect from those around you. Nobody should feel unsafe or unwelcome.

Who We Are

The Fellow team is a group of young and wise business owners. Together, we work hard to provide a productive place for our members to get work done. We began in 2016 as the first coworking space in Manhattan and have continued to lead the way in flexible office space through workspaces, education, and collaboration. Our membership is 40+ strong, and includes an age range of 23-65, including entrepreneurs, students, remote employees, and small business owners. We are more than a coworking space, we are a community who encourages and supports one another inside and outside of our walls.

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