We are a coworking space. We are home to entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, remote workers, and students. It's the new thing. We share space, ideas, and knowledge. We bring people together through solving problems we've all faced: isolation, lack of motivation, and a comfortable place to overcome them. It's unlike anything else. It's your destination to do good work. We provide this in three ways.


Our primary purpose is to serve as a central portal in the community for those looking to get plugged in to the surrounding innovation ecosystem.


We provide a dynamic and innovative space for coworking, meetings, and events. We've designed it to be creative, inspiring, and full of energy.


Foster transformational ideas from conception to implementation & connect those ideas with the right resources in our community.

it's exactly what YOU'VE been looking for.


Exhausted from working alone at home, in noisy coffee shops, or need a place to connect? 

We were too.

Need a desk away from home to be productive? Choose your seat.

Need a place to have a meeting? We have it.

Need a place to study, print, and drink bottomless coffee? Check.

Need a whiteboard and table to strategize with your team? We have that, too.



Our community is mission driven, passion orientated, engaged, motivated, and determined.

Imagine a group of people where the thing they have in common the most is their desire to grow in their skill set and continue to dream of how to improve and do things better then before; together.

That's us.

No one leaves here without being inspired in some way to go above and beyond to think bigger then before.


We love to learn. We value a lifetime of learning. 

We pick up where traditional education leaves off.

We host community taught and community attended workshops for our members and the public.

We are passionate about helping our community learn what they need to move their career and passions forward.

Not a member? Join here!


But wait, there's more.

We have a membership for you.



- Community desk
- High speed internet (200mb/s)
- Printer, copier, & scanner
- Unlimited Arrow Coffee

Your first day is on us. Come in and try it out. No strings attached.



- Day pass benefits
- 24/7 access
- Business mailing address
- A network to grow your business

- Brand promotion
- No contract

6 Month Pass

$699/six months

- Save $50
- Month pass benefits plus a discount

1 Year Pass


- Save $100
- Month pass benefits plus a bigger discount

Ready to find your fit?


All events below are open to the public! Click one to see the calendar.

Monday mornings at 7:30am.

A creative brainstorming session to develop the next generation of ideas.

Weekly at 11:25am.

Our platform for our members to host a talk focused on their experiences, ultimately providing value to the small business community at large.

Live music, community efforts, art galleries, etc.

Reserve a meeting room

To book one of our rooms, please click the button below for available options and rates.


Our Founders